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When You Feel Like Giving Up... Push Harder...

In the video below I wanted to share some of the different workouts that I do. I really wish that I would have started this blog right after my accident, I literally remember not being able to sit on the edge of a bed with out falling face first. I remember trying to wheel myself to the lunchroom in rehab (probably 40 yards from my room) I could not do it... I was literally crushed inside. I would lay in bed some night and just cry, ASKING WHY ME??. I had lost SO MUCH in the blink of an eye. It just killed me inside, but I know deep down that I had to toughen up and move forward.

I really never told anyone HOW I really did find my motivation to adapt and overcome to this life changing event. I honestly played it like a game, weird right? I would set goals for myself, no one ever knew these goals but me. Every week I had to achieve a new task and I would check it off my list, even if that achievement was an extra few feet that I could wheel myself. Hell, I still do this! This was my own little mental way to push myself everyday. Everyone finds their own way to move on, you have to! Find that inner strength and move forward, push yourself harder today than you did yesterday. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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