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We all too often get caught up in “life” and just float through the days and go through the same old routine. We have all been there… I hear so many people say “ahh I can not wait for the weekend”, I myself am guilty for saying this phrase. I recently sat back and thought about “life” and realized that living for the weekend is absolutely not the way to live. Live every single day to the fullest, if you do not like your job… Change professions, that’s the amazing thing about “life” you are in control! Live your life the way you want… If you are surrounded by people that do not believe in you, find new friends. When negative energy surrounds you, your own energy will become negative. The human mind has millions of thoughts run through their brain a day. Now if all those thoughts are negative, you will never succeed in this thing called “life” For example; you are running late for an appointment and in your mind you are thinking “I am running late and I am going to hit every single red light”. Guess what? You definitely will! Call me a liar, but pay attention next time these thoughts run through your mind.

Life goes by way to fast to be negative or not live for the moment… I can say that if this accident wouldn’t have happened to me I would still be taking the little things for granted and “live for the weekend”. Now, I realize how quickly your life can change and how much we take for granted. Take it from me, a kid at 19 years old making ONE bad decision and my life was turned upside down. You are never promised tomorrow so live for TODAY, quit saying that you can not wait for the weekend or that you hate your job.. Make changes today… Not tomorrow! I want to direct this towards the younger generation. Please, if can tell you one thing, your life is NOT invisible and you can mess up ONE time and you may not be here tomorrow. I was in your shoes, partied, drove fast, drank and drove, you name I have done it. Look at me now, I am wheelchair bound for life.. Do you want to have to ride around in a wheelchair EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE? Or wait even better... You can't tie your own shoes? Open your own drink? Take a hike in the woods with your friends? Worry about pressure sores? Jump up in an SUV/TRUCK? Need help cutting your food? Stay in a hotel and worry how you will fit in the bathroom? Just to name a few… I truly don't think one person would look forward to this! STOP living for those weekend parties and START your future NOW. This crazy world has so many opportunities go explore your destiny. This journey was one I would have never imagined, but I have finally found my purpose. A purpose that I would have never hoped for, but it happened.. If this could grab the attention of one younger person and make them realize they are not invincible I did my job. By no means am I saying to stop partying or having fun, but be smarter and enjoy that Monday morning when you wake up for work/school. Those days you will never get back.. I 100% do not regret any of the times that my friends and I got together.. We are actually all very lucky to be still walking after some of the stunts we pulled!

Below I posted Some photos of before my accident and right after my accident.

And here is the very first picture after my accident. This was close to a month after because I did not want my picture taken right after.

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