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Soo you think your invincible huh? I definitely thought so throughout my teenage years, but what teenager doesn’t? I am not going to sit here and lecture you about what’s right and wrong, I just want to state a few facts. We all know throughout our teenage years we party, drink, and live life carefree… Which we should enjoy those years because we gain a lot of memories at that point in our lives.

Throughout my teenage years I worked after school and worked all through the summer. My parents made me work for my money, which I believe made me a better person growing up. I respected things more. Like most I lived for the weekend… When Friday night came the questions started flying… Where is the party? Who is getting the beer? You know what I mean... Did you ever hear the phrase “your life can change in the blink of an eye”? I herd this multiple times growing up, but I just shrugged it off and thought “that could never happen to me”.

Well on July 3,2011 that “your life could change in the blink of an eye” phrase came true… I remember it like yesterday. Every year over the 4th of July a group of my friends went on a camping trip. We would go shopping the week prior for food and all the other entities that go along with camping. Finally, after a long work week I buzzed out of work early on Friday and headed to camp… We partied and played games all weekend, of course we were drinking… But that was OK, no one had to leave.. At least we thought… Sunday July 3rd rolled around and we were pretty much out of alcohol. We had one more night to stay and the last night was usually the big party night. Myself and 2 other buddies decided to run into town for some more alcohol, yes we were drinking and probably shouldn’t of left.... Well off we go.. Jamming to music and having a good time. I remember just coming into town, we literally were not even a mile away from our destination and we swerved to miss a car going around a sharp bend…. Next thing I know I am laying face down in the middle of the road unable to move anything…. I was in the center of a single cab truck and when the truck rolled over the roof came down on my head (honestly lucky to be alive). That’s one of those moments that will be with you the rest of your life. I was a very active person that never sat still and at that point in my life I was fighting to stay alive.

The moral of this is…. YOU ARE NOT INVINSIBLE. You can think that something life altering will never happen to you, but the truth is it could happen at any given time. Make smart decisions, if you drink please don’t drive. Get a ride. Do I still party? Hell yeah I do… I am just a little smarter now. I am by no means telling you to stay in the house and be a hermit, just make smart choices.. Because one bad choice could change your life forever. Take this from me, because believe me I have been where you are…

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