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Yesterday was just one of those days.... You know, nothing was going right. Since my wife had the day off we decided it would be a great day to take a ride up to Letchworth State Park. So we hit the road at 8 o’clock and on our way we go, we were an hour into our 2 hour trip and realized that we left my wheelchair cushion at our house.. Back home we went (I took my Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair and forgot to put my cushion on it prior to leaving), picked up the cushion and on our way for the second time! Everything was going great, we were listening to music and just crusing along… Well I guess I was cruising a little to fast according to the New York State Police… After another ½ hour delay and probably a $300 fine we were on our way once again. We ended up making it to the State Park right around 12 o’clock (the 2 hour trip took 4 hours), the sun was shining it was just beautiful out. I put my SmartDrive power assist on my all terrain chair, I was ready to hit some trails! We walked about a mile to the first overlook and snapped a few pictures, it was breath taking. Now onto the next overlook we go… The next one was up about a mile long hill, not a problem with the power assist wheel. Britt and Otto on the other hand- I’m not sure who was walking who by the time we reached the top. Guess what … as soon as we reached the top a few rounds of thunder cracked and down came the rain, this was by no means a normal rain this was like jumping in water fully dressed.. Back down the hill we go to the Jeep, my hands were soaked so I could not stop so Britt was holding me and Otto… We looked ridiculous, almost to the Jeep and Britt said “Well your window was down” JUST GREAT! One good thing was we did pack a change of clothes, but I still had to ride home with a wet butt because my seat was soaked. All we could do was laugh the whole way home. What else can you do?

The moral of the story is everyone has bad days, but those days are just a minimal portion of your life. Don’t dwell on those days shrug them off and move forward.

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