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10 Years Ago..

For the ones who don't know my background I'll give you a short summary of how I ended up in a wheelchair.

10 years ago on July 3rd 2011 a group of friends and I went on a camping trip for the weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day, life was great and not a care in the world. What I didn't know was how much my life was about to change later that day. We were just about out of beer and we had one more night of camping, so one of my buddies said that they would run into town and grab some. Well, I decided to jump in the truck with him. I promised my parents that I would not leave from camp. I didn't listen because I thought I was Mr. Cool dude and knew everything. 25 minutes later, I was laying face down on the road unable to move any of my limbs......

Full Video Coming SOON.

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